Wedding Planning

(our Own version | USA + Taiwan)



Nicky and I got married in 2015. We had two weddings, one on May 30th in the U.S., and another June 14th in Taiwan. The planning processes for both weddings were entirely different, but both really memorable experiences involving so much love from everyone we know. 

The way we envisioned our wedding planning, I would say, was a combination of being creative (design wise and resource wise) and being efficient (in terms of our time and effort spent). That was the goal, at least. In reality, however, we ran into numerous interesting details that we had to manage and overcome, and at times questioning whether I have turned into the bridezilla lady I tried not to be (but that is almost unavoidable, so give yourself a break if that happened to you as well).

What I can say, looking back, is I really loved the entire planning process. I got to use wedding planning as a great excuse to spend time with my beloved friends and families. And making our wedding related appointments into spontaneous day trips with Nicky every time was the best part of it all.

I would love to share how we planned our weddings below, in case you needed some inspirations or tips. Because, although this is a super fun process, there are still tons of details and work that could easily make you feel overwhelmed. If you know some of the tips beforehand, perhaps you will be able to enjoy your wedding planning even more. And then, magically, plan your perfect wedding with such ease and elegance. 


Our US Wedding
05.30.2015 | Winters, CA