Favorite Spots in San Francisco

  1. Ferry Building, I will never get sick of that place, ever. All their awesomely curated stores, farmers market on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturdays.
  2. Sightglass Coffee on 7th street, just go in and smell the beans and marvel at the open space.
  3. Heath Ceramics in the Mission, and their factory, associated gallery, and all the smaller brands they carry in store; also the Blue Bottle Coffee next door.
  4. Everything on the menu from Hog Island Oyster Bar, besides the melted cheese bread if you're not into heavy foods. My favorite one is the Ferry Building one. 
  5. The small/unique stores and restaurants on Fillmore Street, hopefully the stores there don't get too large too soon. Woodhouse Fish serves some really good lobster rolls.
  6. Any sandwiches or salads from Darwin Cafe during weekdays, and brunch on the weekends.
  7. Mazarine Coffee, love their decor and friendly staff. And they serve real food and wine there. 
  8. Koo Japanese Restaurant, with Nicky's to order list (coming soon).
  9. Vanilla soft serve with olive oil and sea salt from Zero Zero, and their mushroom pizza.
  10. Framani chacuterie tasting at The View in Marriott, and their girly drinks.
  11. "High end" dim sum at Dragon Beaux that's actually very, very worth it. Hakkasan is also very delicate and good as well, but I personally think Dragon Beaux is even more authentic and creative, which is a rare combo.