Favorite Spots in New York

  1. Jun-Men Ramen Bar oh so good, comparable to Nicky's favorite Ramen Parlor in San Mateo. I personally like it even more.
  2. If you feel like indulging yourself in some Asian comfort food, go to Jeepney in East Village. And if you feel like further making your comfort food experience an epic feast with no silverware involved, go on Wednesday or Thursday with a group of friends. Filipino Gastropub. 
  3. We've been going to Iroha in Time Square (yes, surprisingly) since we lived in New York in 2012. We love their omakase set - it's so simple and so casually good. Perfect 5 piece if you're just craving for some good sushi but don't want to go the extravagant route.   
  4. If you like farm to table, you should really try out The Marshal in Hell's Kitchen. They source all raw ingredients and wines from local farms and productions, and design their daily menu accordingly. Amazingly fresh ingredients, amazingly well cooked dishes, and amazingly textured desserts. Luckily, we live in the neighborhood, and we can't wait to go back many many more times.