Olympics Memories, v2016 Rio

I only started watching The Olympics when I started going out with Nicky, so each one is quite memorable. In 2008, we watched the Olympics China opening ceremony in Nicky's small dorm living room/his room; 2012 we watched the London opening ceremony in Nicky's corporate housing in New York, which marks our first move to New York; and 2016 we're watching Rio opening ceremony in our newly moved in New York apartment.

Watching the Olympics always inspires me, just like watching the Hall of Fames and The Academy Awards. All these talents finally having their more than well deserved seconds of world fame, and we luckily will be having a glimpse of their astonishing hard work and even more inspiring faith and beliefs in themselves. 

Some random notes: 

  • The opening ceremony. Really love the creative combination of history and singing/dancing, and the honest look and celebration of both the diversity and the current issues in the world. 
  • Love all the commercials in between, especially the ones with individual or multiple athlete's stories told, the thank you mom series, and that nation wide song singer series. Haven't had TV for 4 years, and almost forgot how awesome TV commercials could be. 
  • Tears - I see so much tears from these winning athletes, and I always can't help but feel moved by their emotions. I also think it's the power of tens of thousands of Olympics goers. When so many people gather to celebrate your talent, it's simply powerful. 
  • All these kisses amongst the loving parents of these kid athletes. Cutest things ever. Maybe (hopefully) this is the new trend.   
  • And really, nothing is impossible.
 Underarmour store at SOHO broadcasting the Olympics game live! 

Underarmour store at SOHO broadcasting the Olympics game live!