Defying the Gravity of Time

The hardest question I face with everyday is time. The beauty of time and the complexity of time. Time is such a beauty because you always grow as a person, and when you look back the growth and achievement only comes with time-lapsed efforts you've put in. Time is also so complex because often times you're not just faced with your own timeline but also the timeline of those you love and the timeline of those expectations you and your loved ones have for you. 

I call my parents every day during the week, and I call my grandparents once every week or so. 24 hours passed and I call my parents the next day. My progress for my startup brand never seems to run fast enough to report any good news at that hour. We're always trying to impress our parents and make them proud, but they're only getting older by day. Although we are as well, growing old in your late 50's just seems so much more visually obvious than growing old in your late 20's, at least from our perspective. 

How do we defy the gravity of time? Measuring your progress in 24 hour time frame is simply too discouraging I realized (with this thinking exercise). Looking back at the longer period of time gives you a better look at the true progress you've made, and positive reinforcement is always such a treasure we should hold on to when paving your own road ahead.